These albums showcase samples of the items I've previously made and serve solely for illustrative purposes. Please note that not all materials are currently available, and the creation of items is subject to material availability. Soft toys and shoes are not for sale and only used for photos.

Bibs: Practical and Stylish Protection

Our bibs are designed to be both practical and stylish, providing a functional solution to keep your baby clean and comfortable during feeding times.

1. Customisable Designs:

One of the highlights of Nettatjie's bibs is the option to customise designs. You can choose from a variety of fabrics in our material album, allowing you to match the bib to your baby's outfits or create a personalised look.

2. Absorbent and Durable:

Crafted from absorbent materials, our bibs effectively assists with spills and dribbles, keeping your baby's clothes clean. The durability of the materials ensures that the bibs withstand regular use and frequent washing.

3. Comfortable Fit:

The bibs are designed for a comfortable fit. The soft fabrics ensure that the bibs are gentle against your baby's skin.

4. Easy to Clean:

We understand the mess that can come with feeding time, so our bibs are made to be easy to clean. Simply toss them in the washing machine, and they'll be ready for the next meal.

Dummy Clips: Stylish Accessories

Our dummy clips are not just functional but also add a touch of style to your baby's accessories.

1. Secure and Convenient:

Designed to keep pacifiers and dummies within easy reach, our dummy clips are both secure and convenient. No more worrying about dropped or misplaced pacifiers.

2. Customisable Designs:

Similar to our bibs, the dummy clips are customisable. You can choose from a selection of fabrics to match your baby's outfits or create a co-ordinated look.

3. Safe Materials:

We prioritise your baby's safety, and our dummy clips are made from safe and non-toxic materials. The clips are securely attached and won't pose any harm to your little one.

4. Stylish Accessories:

Our dummy clips are not only functional but also stylish accessories. They add a pop of color or pattern to your baby's attire, making them both practical and fashionable.

Nettatjie's bibs and dummy clips are essential accessories for every parent who wants both functionality and style in their baby's wardrobe. Choose Nettatjie for practical, customisable, and stylish solutions for your baby's needs.