These albums showcase samples of the items I've previously made and serve solely for illustrative purposes. Please note that not all materials are currently available, and the creation of items is subject to material availability. Soft toys and shoes are not for sale and only used for photos.


At Nettatjie, our burp cloths are more than just practical accessories; they are personalised tokens of love for the little ones who bring immense joy to your life. Each burp cloth is crafted with utmost care, reflecting the uniqueness of every baby, grandchild, and friend's child.

We offer three sizes of burp cloths, with the standard (midi) size being the most popular choice among our clients. The front of these burp cloths is adorned with a fabric of your choice, carefully selected from our material album, allowing you to tailor it to your unique preferences. The back features soft and absorbent toweling, ensuring both comfort and functionality.

Whether you choose a single burp cloth or opt for a set of three in one of our delightful combos, each piece is a testament to the commitment we have to provide exceptional quality for your special little ones. We understand that every burp, every giggle, and every moment with your baby is precious, and our burp cloths are designed to be a stylish and practical addition to those beautiful moments.

Explore our albums and discover the variety of options available. Let each burp cloth tell a story of care, thoughtfulness, and the joy that comes with embracing the wonderful journey of parenthood. Thank you for entrusting Nettatjie to be a part of these cherished moments.