These albums showcase samples of the items I've previously made and serve solely for illustrative purposes. Please note that not all materials are currently available, and the creation of items is subject to material availability. Soft toys and shoes are not for sale and only used for photos.


Explore the convenience of our gift combos at Nettatjie! You have the flexibility to choose from our pre-packaged gift packs listed in our price list, or you can customise your own combo according to your budget and, of course, aligning with Nettatjie's mission of catering to your unique taste.

We offer a diverse range of items, and you are invited to browse through our albums on various pages to discover your favourite items. Check our price list page for detailed pricing information. Once you've curated your ideal combo, simply send us a WhatsApp message with the details, and we'll guide you through the ordering process.

At Nettatjie, we understand the importance of personalisation and choice. Our mission is to provide you with not only high-quality baby items but also the freedom to create a customised collection that perfectly suits your preferences. Enjoy the process of selecting and combining items to make a thoughtful and unique gift for your little one or someone special.